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What is Rotary Youth Exchange?
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE): Through RYE, Rotary International hopes to create a more interconnected
and understanding world. One of Rotary's primary goals is promoting peace around the world, and
through RYE cultural exchanges we aim to make the world a more peaceful place one exchange at a time.
We believe that if students experience different cultures and meet people from all over the globe, they will
be more understanding of foreign people and countries in the future, and that this understanding will lead
to a more interconnected and peaceful world. RYE is a true exchange program, in that for each student a
Rotary Club sends abroad, they receive a foreign exchange student in return. Almost 10,000 students
participate annually.
What programs does RYE offer?
RYE offers 2 types of exchanges:
Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP): Students spend 10-11 months (a school year) living abroad. LTEP
students live with 3 different host families (~3.5 months each) and are required to attend high school.
Short Term Exchange Program (STEP): Typically 8-12 weeks (1/2 in foreign country, 1/2 in home
country) with a foreign student. This is a direct family to family exchange where both young people are
together during the whole exchange, typically over the summer.
What costs are covered by Rotary?
We see an exchange year through Rotary as a scholarship. The scholarship includes Room and Board, School Tuition and a Monthly Stipend.
The Fee below includes round trip airfare, costs associated with coordinating your student visa, health
insurance, a Language Learning program, Multiple trainings and Orientations, Rotary Youth Exchange
materials, sweatshirt and other cool Rotary stuff! - everything a student needs to get there and back again
How much does an exchange cost me?
  • LTEP: US$7,500-CAD$9,500 (+ up to US$2,500 for optional tourist trips)
  • STEP: US$3,000-CAD$4,000
For those families that cannot afford these fees, additional scholarships may be available that can
offset part to all of the cost.
RYE is one of the most cost-effective youth exchange programs in the world. It is non-profit and
entirely run by Rotary volunteers. In addition, RYE offers a lot of value that other programs don’t, such
as an emphasis on local service projects and opportunities for the students to get involved in
community events through their host Rotary Clubs. In addition, our safety and support network is
How will Rotary support my child and help keep them safe?
Safety and Support: RYE students have the backing and support of both their home Rotary Club and their
host Rotary Club, which means that there is a large group of dedicated adult volunteers looking after the
welfare of the students. All Rotary Club members and host families who work with RYE students have
undergone youth training and background checks, and there are dedicated Rotary Club members who
check in with each student regularly and file reports on their status and welfare. In addition, Rotary Clubs
tend to be made up of local business and community leaders, therefore, in the unlikely event that the RYE
student should encounter a serious problem while on exchange, they have access to a large number of
locally influential people to help them navigate the local system and sort things out. In addition, students
receive a monthly stipend (~US$100) from their host club for incidental expenses.
What country will my child go to?
Rotary offers exchanges to over 100 countries. The list varies a bit year to year
depending on local conditions. Students rank their top 4 choices from that year’s list and the vast
majority of students get sent to one of their top picks. A willingness to go to any country is typically an advantage
on your application.
Will school credits transfer?
Exchange credits are generally accepted by local schools, although this requires
coordination ahead of time with your school counselor. Past RYE students have largely been able to
graduate on time with the rest of their class.

How can my child apply for RYE?
o apply on-line and more information go to:
Who is eligible and how are students selected?
Local students age 15-19 are eligible. We are looking for open-minded, adaptable, tolerant, supportive, and enthusiastic
students who we think will make good peace ambassadors. We are not necessarily looking for the best
students academically; we are looking for the people who will be most successful in a cultural exchange
and reflect well on our country and communities. You do not need to be affiliated with Rotary to apply.
How will my child benefit from a RYE year aborad?
• Learn a new language and culture
• Build lasting friendships with young people around the world
• Become a global citizen
• Develop lifelong leadership skills
• Better admissions to college and scholarships

How will the school abroad benefit from RYE?
• Local students get exposure to people from other parts of the world (inbound international students)
• Local students learn to build relationships with those who are different from them.
• Local students become more aware of youth exchange programs and may choose to participate.
• Youth exchange programs can help to build bridges between different cultures and promote peace and
Each inbound international student placement gives an opportunity for a Local student to study