The District 5050 Youth Exchange Administration Hub
(The 24 Hour Office)
HUB: The District 5050 Database, also known as the 24 Hour Office. The HUB stores information about our Volunteers, Host Families, Inbound Students and Outbound Students (Current, Future and Past), along with Documentation pertinent to each of these groups that keeps us safe and compliant with Rotary International and the US Department of State (DOS) requirements.  The HUB can only be accessed on a computer (not a cell phone or tablet).  Special access must be granted by the District Youth Exchange Compliance Officer to enter this site.
Web Portal: A more portable and smaller version of the HUB. The web portal can be accessed on a cell phone, tablet and computer.  Data is available but not documents, except those in the HUB Library.  Phone numbers, addresses, insurance numbers are available on the web portal, as well as the ability to file reports: Student Arrival report, Monthly Counselor reports, Student Move report, Host Family Interview Report and 60 day report.  Special access must be provided by the Youth Exchange Compliance Officer to enter this site.
Vet: To fulfill requirements of Rotary International, and for US based participants the US Department of State.  To vet a participant we need an Application, Background check, evidence of Youth Protection Awareness training (YPA), reports from References (2 for Host Family, 3 for a Volunteer), and for US volunteers only, Department of State Certification.  No one who is not Fully Vetted as a volunteer, expect in special circumstances, will have access to either the Web Portal or the HUB. A Student may not move into a Host Home until the family is fully vetted.  Some vetting is done  annually.
Volunteer application (VAF): the application that a, Committee Member, Country Officer, YEO, Club Counselor or any other Volunteer working with District 5050 Youth Exchange must complete.
Host Family application (HF): The application that a Host Family fills out to be considered to host an inbound student.  A Host family application is valid for 18 months.  Host families need to renew their application and update their references and background checks for each year they want to host again (Canadian background check is good for 3 years).
US Department of State (DOS): The US Department of State regulates our program in the US, and issues Visas to inbound students coming into our program (not applicable to Canadian participants).  We must be compliant with the DOS and we are audited annually for re-certification.  Any time that we are not compliant we run the risk of not being re-certified.  We need everyone’s cooperation to fulfill this obligation.
For Canadian volunteers, Students and Host Families:  The YEAH Administrator will check a box that exempts these participants from the US Dept. of State training and reporting requirements, but Rotary International requirements still apply.

Reports to File by the Club Counselor or the YEO:

  • Host Family In Home Visit/ Interview Report (Web Portal or the HUB)

·         Host Family Orientation (HUB)

How to:
Vet the Volunteer (YEO, Club Counselor, Club or Committee member, Country Officer or District 5050 Volunteer with more than casual contact with student).
The Volunteer will need to complete an online Volunteer Application and Affidavit.
  1. Go to
    • You can email this link to Volunteers
    • The Link is also on the District 5050
    • If you have already initiated a volunteer application it will send a new link to finish the application when you put in the email address thatyou registered with before. If you want to change your email address, only do this after you have entered your application.
The Volunteer will need three references that will be automatically sent out to the references, they will fill out a short questionnaire and then it is sent back to District 5050 and approved by the District 5050Committee.
  • The Volunteer applicant should contact the references and ask them to be looking for an email from “Rotary D5050 Youth Exchange”, reassure them that it is legitimate and should be filled out right away.  Be aware that the emails can sometimes be caught in Spam filters.
  1. At the same time that the reference checks are sent out the YEO is sent an email with information to do the Volunteer’s Backgroundcheck. As soon as this is completed the WATCH (Washington Access to Criminal History) or RCMP Background Check should be uploaded on or forwarded to the District Protection Officer for up loading.
  1. The Volunteer will be sent a “Welcome Letter” with an instructional letter attached. They will also be sent two links, one to (North American Youth Exchange Network) Youth Protection Training, and (for US Participants) one to the for the DOS certification training. These trainings give the volunteer important information, and also provide the District with evidence of the training, as a record of it is downloaded automatically into the YEAH database.

    If the Volunteer does not know their log in information they can click“Forgot login information” and one will be emailed to them at the same email address that is registered with the HUB. Please follow all instructions provided and always make a copy of the final certificates in case there is a problem with auto-populating the YEAH site.
  1. Once approved an email is generated saying they are approved
  1. If any of this is overdue, a reminder will be sent out repeatedly (ANS:Automated Nagging System) Please respond to these prompts as soon after they are received.
  1. References and the Canadian background check are now good for 2 years, WATCH or Intellicorp, NSOR (National Sex Offender Registry), DOS training must be renewed annually.
Vet a Host Family:
Each Host Family will need to complete an online application.  The HF application is valid for 18 months
  1. Go to‐hfapp
    • You can email this link to potential host families
    • The Link is also available on the District 5050 RYE web page
  2. The HF will need two names of references that will be automatically sent out to the email addresses provided, they will fill out a short questionnaire and then be sent back to District 5050 Committee for approval.
    • The HF should send an email to each of their references and ask them to be looking for an email from “Rotary D5050 Youth Exchange”, reassure them that it is legitimate and not Spam, and should be filled out right away.
  1. At the same time the Waiver and Consent Release Forms are sent out the Host Family members.These need to be returned to the YEO so they can complete the family member’s Background check.
    • Anyone that lives in the home and is over 18 during the time of the Inbound Student’s stay, must fill out a Waiver Form and complete a background check.
  1. As soon as this is completed, the WATCH or RCMP BC should be uploaded or forwarded to the District Protection Officer for uploading.
  1. A home visit/inspection needs to be completed. A scaled down version of the Host Family Application complete with photos will be found on the Portal for reference. Complete the Home Visit report on the or the and submit.
  1. attached.  Be sure to cover all the topics in the form.  All this information can be found on the For YEOs page.  This should not be scheduled until all members have completed the YPA training and all their references have been returned.
    • After visiting with the Host Family and the topics are discussed, the HF Orientation report is filled out and signed by all present and uploaded on the HUB under the HF file.
Web Portal, this can be on your cell phone, your tablet or your computer. On your phone or tablet or computer…create a link to easily click to enter the web portal.‐portal
You will be sent an email with a temporary password to sign on to the Portal. As soon as you enter you will be asked to reset your password, it needs to have a capital, numbers and letters at least 8 in length.
Use your email on record with YEAH for your username. If you later forget your password you will need to click “Forgot Password”, if you are not sent a new password contact the District Committee.
After logging in, you can select one of four categories to go into: Inbound Students, Outbound Students, Host Families, and Directory and Library.
This is a Current Inbound student. Notice the four options at the bottom of the student’s file.
Print Temporary ID Card
Submit Host Family Change Report
Submit Monthly Counselor Report
View Most Recent Counselor Report
Before the student arrived there was one more possible report: the Arrival Confirmation. This is how you report that your student has arrived. It should never be done until you see their cheery smile off of the plane! Do this within 24 hours of arrival.
  1. What can you find for Current, Future, and Past Inbound Students in the
    • Current Host familyinformation
    • Current Inbound: Assign or Submit Host Family Change Report (if your HFhasnot been vetted and approved they will not show up on the list of possibleHFs).
    • If the Host Family has been approved but are now expired they will show up in Violation or Incomplete. Violation means the student is soon to live with them (first HFs) orisliving with them and this will put us in jeopardy with RI andDOS.
    • Inbound Student Monthly CounselorReports
    • View most recent Monthly Counselor Report
  2. Current, Future, Past Outbound Student
    • Natural parent and familyinformation

3.  Host Family

  • Hosted Studentlink
  • Home visit/ interviewreport
  • Follow up (60 day) visitreport
This is Host Family File. Notice the report on the bottom:
Submit Host Family/ Visit Report
Submit Follow up Visit Report (60 day). This tab will appear after the initial Home visit is recorded. The YEO will receive a notice 30 days and 15 days before this is due. Note that a second certified/vetted Rotarian must conduct this visit.
There is also a Directory for you to call the Chairperson, the Country Officer or whoever else you need to get ahold of.
The document library is also at your fingertips on your phone or your tablet.
Introduction to the HUB, the big kahuna of information on our Students, Host Families and Volunteers
The HUB has restricted access for District Administrators and select Volunteers within the District. You must be sent authorization from the District Office in order to access the HUB  
Log in page.
The Log in to the HUB is the same as the log in on the Web Portal.  Use the email on record with the HUB for username; you will use the same password you set up for the portal as for the HUB.  If you do not have the email welcoming you to the Web Portal that includes a temporary password, you will need to request one from the District Committee.
Each Club has a personalized dashboard with links to Students, Host Families and Volunteers they are responsible for.  Click on the files you want to review
  1. Student information
    • Special Notes/Alerts
    • Confidential information only viewable by a few
    • Everything Rotary International and the US Department of State wants to know
  2. Email and instant messaging capabilities
  3. Document Library for all D5020Volunteers
  4. Capability for running reports
To view a student’s file either double click on their name or click on their name and click ‘detail’ at the bottom of the page.
The picture of the ‘key’ on the upper right tells you what each initial in the little block (some are green, meaning that the document/requirement has been received/met and approved) tells you what the initial means.
If you forget a name and you remember a part or something about them you can use the ‘funnel’ to do that search.
This is an Inbound student’s file.  Explore the tabs to see what is there.  You can upload documents on the document’s page.  Maybe you would like to upload an email from the student that is telling about a trip, permission or special needs.  First create a document with the email and then upload.
Once you know their cell number in country, please enter it under cell phone.
Notes/ Alerts…. you might want to leave a note that such as “she is feeling homesick, she is feeling better, she is going to go to Rome over Christmas with her host family”.
Leave notes that would be of value to others or something that needs to be remembered.
The Travel Information is the page to put in their flights, in and out.  The important thing here is to put the ‘locator number’ as well as the other information.  Make sure you are putting the Departure and Return information under the correct tab.

Sending an email or text message right from a student’s file:
Click on Inbound Student Options and choose messages and then click if you want to send an email or text.  Generally you will want to select a Local email, the others are more templates.  You can also send a text message that you type right from your computer and if you like, you can select the date and time you want it to go out (maybe you want to wake up a student for a particularly early departure).  They cannot reply to the email, but hopefully they have your cell number or you can include it in the text.
 Data Entry responsibilities:
< >Outbound applicants complete their Long Term Exchange application online.Here is the link to the application:‐obapp

2.   Outbounds

< >When an applicant is accepted they become future Outbounds Insurance information: Country Officer will upload Cell phones in their host Country should be entered by the Country Officer

3.   Inbounds

< >Additional data entered by the student: photos, addresses, phone numbers Insurance information: Compliance Officer will upload Guarantee Forms will be uploaded by a Committee member, the YEO or the Club Counselor, original is returned to the Placement Officer and then on to the student. Cell phone numbers should be added by the YEO or Counselor when the studentgets theirphone.ThisshouldalwaysbekeptuptodateasthoseusingtheHUBtextmessaging need currentinformation.Student ID Cards. The first one will be generated by the District office,thesecond and third (to reflect new HF information) will be done by the YEO orCC.Student move: Club Counselor or YEO should report via the Web PortalthemoveMonthly report: Club Counselor and/ or the YEO, one from each is ok too.Enterthe date and the person making the contact for each the HF and thestudent.

4.   Host Family

< >All of their information is entered at the time they submit their application

5.   Volunteer

< >Each volunteer is responsible for keeping their data current, especiallyemailsand phonenumbersLink Inbound to HostFamilyo Assign New Host Family: Go to students file, go to Host Family tab and click link on the bottom< >Monthly Counselor Report: Go to student’s file, go to Processing Tab, find link at the bottom. The counselors report can be filed numerous times in a month. It is best to report something ‘minor’ before it becomes ‘major’.Home interview Report: this can be done on the HUB, but use the Portal to enter this report.Submit Follow-up Visit Report: use the Portal for this report.Submit Host Family Change Report: use the Portal for this report

Further Instructions

Host Family Vetting Process
To check the status of a host family, select their name from the list of available families.  Choose the “Approval Process” tab to see if their application has been approved, their references have come in, has their home visit been submitted?
To view more details about each host member, double click on their names. This is where you will find out if they have taken their YPA training yet.
YPA training recorded date

Upload of Guarantee Forms

Completed Guarantee Forms (both page 1 and page 2) need to be uploaded to the HUB, by the YEO (ideally) or anyone who has access to the system.  This should NOT be done through the Documents tab, but rather by clicking the “Upload GF” button on the Processing tab.  That button will open up a new sub form that looks like this:
In addition to browsing for the document on your desktop (or dragging and dropping it), this form will ask that you provide the information that you have in front of you on that form – the host club, the school, the preferred arrival airport(s), and the first host family. Each of those fields is to be selected from the list displayed when you click the corresponding Select button.
U.S. hosted student’s DS2019 J-1 visa forms will not be issued until the first host family (either an arrival family or permanent family) is completely vetted in YEAH.  Note that they will appear on the list as soon as they submit their application – it doesn’t wait for their references, background checks, etc., but the process cannot be completed until your family listed on the Guarantee Form is vetted.
When you’ve completed this form and pointed it to the document on your desktop, click the Upload button and all the information will transfer to the student’s record.  An automatic notification will be sent to the Country Officer, District Chair and Alternate Responsible Officer. Put the original in the mail to the Country Officer.

How to create an ID Card

Go to the Inbound Student Options and then select Student ID card. Display/Print ID Card
Accessing the Utilities tab
You can go to Document Library; you can view from here or you can email a document from here using the document option tab.
You can do multiple things form here